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Newsletter: Holidays Offer

Holidays Offer 


Christmas and New Year are coming, and Johan Deumens Gallery makes a special offer on books that have recently arrived in the Gallery's program.


Write to, order books from the 18th till the 31st of December and you will get:

* FREE DELIVERY (in Europe; 50% discount on international shipping)



Anne Geene, Encyclopedia of an allotment garden 

Geene is ridiculing an encyclopedic approach to studying nature as well as scientific features and uses of photography. She tries to describe and measure her small garden as precise and scientific as possible. Nevertheless, criteria Anne uses are subjective and hilarious: shapes of autumn leaves - single fold, rolled up, horizontal fold, triple fold; traces of worms; traces from planes left in the sky above the garden; transparency of leaves etc. The book has a 'Joan Fontcuberta' spirit. Original price28,90 euro.

Salvo, Black is a Matter of Taste – Works and opinions of Theo van Dusseldorp

The past 35 years Theo van Dusseldorp has been both a product photographer and a teacher at the KABK (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague). Between 1978 and 2001 Van Dusseldorp took over 25.000 Polaroids that he made as studies for his product photos. They were recently given to Salvo with the permission to use them as free as they saw fit. In 'Black is a Matter of Taste', Salvo addresses an issue of photography being a medium balancing art and technique. Salvo articulates the intimate relation that exists between art and technique, between advertisement and science, between product and process, between sentiment and knowledge. Original price: € 15. Special edition with a unique polaroid: € 45.


Oliviervan Breugel & Simone Mudde, Between Screens 

'Between Screens' showcases a phenomenon frequently witnessed in the Rijksmuseum’s Gallery of Honor: hordes of people thronging to catch a glimpse of Rembrandt’s renowned 'Night Watch', but increasingly often looking at it only through the lens of a cell phone, camera or iPad. Van Breugel and Mudde produce arresting close-ups of raised hands clutching pieces of electronic equipment, with the Night Watch on their screens. Reproductions of the painting are easily available, so why do so many people feel the need to reach for their cameras? Original price: 27,50 euro.


Laurence Aegerter, CATHÉDRALES, 2014 

The starting point of Laurence Aegerter’s facsimile Cathédrales, is the 1949 catalogue Cathedrals and churches of France, published by the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Tourism. The artist placed the book by the window in her studio and allowed the incidence of natural light to impact a reproduction of the facade of the Saint-Étienne cathedral in Bourges. She photographed the book every minute during two hours, obtaining 120 photographs of light variations upon this unique image. The play of shadow and light of the Gothic architecture in the original photograph, is superimposed by a new shadow that slowly glide on the cathedral and, imperceptibly but irreparably, swallows it up. Photographs contain thus three stratified layers of times: the 12th century, 1949 and 2012. Original price: 48 euro.


TimHollander, 12 choreographies for curator, artist, artwork, critic and visitor 

In the work with a self-explanatory title '12 choreographies for curator, artist, artwork, critic and visitor', Hollander shows the schemes of movements by all the mentioned types of art lovers within one space and in different combinations with each other. Original price: 18 euro.


AndreaStultiens, Ebifanayi I & II
Ebifananyi is the name of a series of books co-published by HIPUganda and Paradox. The word comes from the verb Kufanana, and means to be similar to. Each book from the series showcases archives of unknown Ugandian photographers. In 
Ebifanayi I , 'The Photographer - Deo Kyakulagira' , a reader gets to know Deo Kyakulagira through likenesses he produced of himself, and the way he documented the world around him, partly as a father, partly as a professional photographer. Another layer of the book - stories told by family members and others give an idea of the context in which Deo worked with photography. Ebifanayi II, 'People Poses Places - Musa Katuramu', tells about a teacher and a carpenter Musa Katuramu who, in mid 1930s, went around his neighbourhood with a simple camera to make portraits of family and friends. His portraits are remarkably intimate and revealing. Original Price: 18,50 euro.