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Spring Gallery Tour
28 Apr 2012 - 09 Jun 2012

Witho Worms Cette montagne cest moi
A major photography project to visualize the landscape of slagheaps of coal in Belgium, France, Wales, Germany and Poland. The almost uniform shapes of these landscapes are translated into a highly individual approach which give them all a specific character.
From all the 68 mountains Worms photographed he took some coal, ground it into a pigment which he then used to print his negatives. Each photograph has been contact printed. Various shades of browns and blacks reflect the specific constitution of the slagheaps. In this work object and subject, mountain and photograph, have become one.

Robin Waart (almost) all my little Polaroids
The decline of a medium - Robin Waarts fascination with Polaroid combines an interest in every aspect of instant photography: the specifics of colour, natural imperfections, the fading and decay that are inherent to the material itself and, specifically, its fading out as a medium and brand. Flashing back: collecting and recollection go hand in hand.

The final and largest project, Polaroidpolaroids (1, 2), showcases the Polaroid cameras diversity and Waarts persistance in finding as many models as possible, first organizing them by production year and type (111 Polaroidpolaroids, currently on show in the NYPL, New York) and now, in Leipzig, presenting a second series of 157 Polaroidpolaroids precisely tracking the development of his collection, alongside several other Polaroid works.

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Spring Gallery Tour