Johan Deumens Gallery

Presentation of the new publication Identities by Martin Brandsma
21 Oct 2016 - 21 Oct 2016

Writer and evolutionary biologist Tijs Goldschmidt will give an introduction to the work of Martin Brandsma.

When: 6:00 p.m. Door opens at 5:30 p.m.

Where: Johan Deumens Gallery, Westerdok 782, 1013 BV Amsterdam.

‘Identities’ is a collection of morphological drawings of one hundred fifty-two different Great Grey Shrikes from fifty-seven areas in the Dutch provinces of Friesland and Drenthe. These are detailed illustrations that are displayed in a standardised layout.
The basis of the work Identities is partly scientific; firstly there is the fundamental phrasing of the underlying question: can individual Great Grey Shrikes be recognized on the basis of their outward appearance? Secondly both in the field as in the studio a standardized procedure takes place: the structure is created by means of through observation of the variations in outer characteristics and this is manifested further by the resulting standardized illustrations. 
For anyone who has studied them closely, no two Great Grey Shrikes are alike. By drawing them the differences between individuals was revealed and Brandsma became aware of their unique characteristics.

More information about the book.

Presentation of the new publication Identities by Martin Brandsma