Johan Deumens Gallery

Johan Deumens Gallery opens doors at a new location with the launch of the book The Dent of Walter Umenhofer by Vibeke Mascini
18 Dec 2015 - 18 Dec 2015

Johan Deumens Gallery opens doors at a new location: Westerdok 782, 1013 BV Amsterdam. 

We welcome everybody at the first event taking place at Westerdok - the launch of the recently published book ‘The Dent of Walter Umenhofer’ by Vibeke Mascini. The publication is “a study in word and image on the relativity of size, especially with regard to things that are so much bigger than we are” (see the description below).

16:30 - Johan Deumens Gallery opens doors.
17:00 - 17:30 - Vibeke Mascini presents ‘The Dent of Walter Umenhofer’.
17:30 - The official launch of the book.

About the book:
When a whale stranded on the shore of Florence, Oregon, the Highway Division was responsible for removing the animal. At that time - 1970 - the beaches of Oregon were counted as part of the public highway system, therefore the Division was also responsible for the twenty boxes of dyna-mite that were packed into the belly of the whale, for the nervous countdown to the enormous bang and for sending into flight an animal that we call the heaviest in the world. The animal rained down in pieces. Onto curious spectators who were enjoying the fresh air and onto the roof of Walter Umenhofer’s new car.
How heavy is a whale? As heavy as a piece of the Westertoren, a few private swimming pools, a group of hippos, the inhabitants of a modestly populated district of Amsterdam. It is all true. Just as the folded out pages of this complete book cover the same length as that of the animal that is known as the longest, as well as the heaviest. When you turn the last page, you find yourself at the very end of the tail fin of the largest whale ever measured, or at the tip of its nose, if you prefer. We can continue to imagine its size, but the fact that a whale is big is demonstrated most clearly by the size of the dent that it leaves in a car and the fact that we do not seem able to fit it into our heads.
Size: 21.15 x 16.92 cm. Pages: 200. Total length: 33,85 m. Language: English (some Dutch). Print: Offset on Munken with a Japanese folding. Edition: 200 (of which 34 special editions). Design: Paul Gangloff and Vibeke Mascini. This project was made possible due to the generous support of the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Advocaat Mascini.

About the artist:
Vibeke Mascini (1989) is an Amsterdam based writer and visual artist. After her studies in Image & Language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, she continued investigating miscellaneous everyday questions, presenting them oscillating between publications, readings and installations. The collision between art and science is an inspiration in her work, the relativity of measurement a motive.
Mascini is currently working on a research project on waste heat of crematories and the concept of ‘personal energy’. Also she is developing a platform for the memoires of matter. De-materialist will be an online curiosity cabinet with a focus on part-time materialism, in collaboration with philosopher Chiarli Vreedeveld and curator Caroline von Courten. Besides Mascini has, since several years, interviewed fellow artists who use the subject of measurement and size in their work. These interviews have been published on a.o. mister Motley, online magazine on art and daily life and in the catalogue nulnu (zero now).

Johan Deumens Gallery opens doors at a new location with the launch of the book The Dent of Walter Umenhofer by Vibeke Mascini