Johan Deumens Gallery

Amsterdam Art Fair
27 May 2015 - 31 May 2015

The Amsterdam Art Fair will take place from May 27th until and including May 31st 2015 at the Kunsthal Citroën in Amsterdam. Invited by Wim van Krimpen and Francis Boeske, a varied selection of 40 galleries will participate in this first edition, proudly representing the best of the Dutch contemporary art market.

Most of the works Johan Deumens Gallery will show at the Fair have just been produced and haven't been presented to a large audience before. 

Among the works:

- the latest project by Witho Worms '1 Two Tree': photographs of forests in Finland, Sweden, France and Belgium printed in three layers of titanium white.

- Sander Uitdehaag's '873': the artist drew a copy of all Vincent van Gogh’s paintings within one night. 

- Annesas Appel's 'Metamorphosis': transformation of numbers in ways that would lead to specific colours, music score and other notations.

- Martin Brandsma's 'Blue tit' and 'The last remnants from the store cupboards'.

- Robin Waart's 'The Empty Canvas'.

Launches of artists' books:

28 May, 17. 30

Mariken Wessels, ‘Taking Off. Henry my neighbor’ (Art Paper Editions, 2015). Introduction at the Fair is given by Joachim Naudts, curator at FotoMuseum, Antwerp.

29 May, 17. 00

Andrea Stultiens, ‘Ebishushani III – All the Tricks – Elly Rwakoma’ (HIPUganda/YdocPublishing, 2015). Introduction at the Fair is given by Anke Coumans, lector Image in context, Academie Minerva, Hanzehogeschool Groningen.

Artists' books:

Annesas Appel, Laurence Aëgerter, Frans Baake, Martin Brandsma, Pavel Büchler, Yves Kerckhoffs, Laura Samsom-Rous, Anne Geene, Salvo, Andrea Stultiens, Tim Hollander, Marina Rosso, Alicja Werbachowska, Peter Spaans, Rein Jelle Terpstra, Kees Visser, Lisa Vlamings, herman de vries, Robin Waart, Mariken Wessels, Jeroen van Westen en Luuk Wilmering. 

Address: Kunsthal Citroën, Stadionplein 24, 1076 CM Amsterdam

Amsterdam Art Fair