Johan Deumens Gallery

26 Sep 2013 - 29 Sep 2013

The gallery will participate in the Unseen Book Market. There will be a wide range of photography related books on the table by Laurence Aëgerter, Henze Boekhout, Fons Brasser, Charlotte Dumas, Sharon Kivland, Claudia Kölgen, Anouk Kruithof, Peter Spaans, Rein Jelle Terpstra, Bert Teunissen, Elisabeth Tonnard, Liesbeth Touw, Mariken Wessels, Witho Worms, Luuk Wilmering. 

Book Signing; Thursday 26th, 4.00 pm
Liesbeth Touw; It skips Every Time I Touch It, 2012

Book Launch: Thursday 26th, 5.00 pm 
Elisabeth Tonnard 'The Gospel of the Photographer', 2013 and "The Kingdom", 2013

Book Launch: Thursday 26th, 6.00 pm 
Peter Spaans; World Works; a private investigation. from December 31, 1953 till December 31, 2013
On Unseen seven volumes of the Library of this project will be launched, all artists books:
1. Handeling in een aantal gevallen, 1980 1981, first edition 2013
2. Poem: Canal Street to 34th Street, first edition  2013
3. Peter en Bert, 1979, first edition  2013
4. Ellen Marina Jose, 1955 1974, first edition  2013
5. Berlijn, 1979 1980, first edition  2013
6. Tekeningen en teksten uit Arnhem, 1979 1980, first edition  2013
7. New York, 1982, first edition  2013

Book Launch: Friday 27th, 4.00 pm  in collaboration with Post Edition, Amsterdam
Rein Jelle Terpstra, Retracing, 2013 (artists book)
Retracing is part of a research project into perception, memory, photography and the possibility of imagelessness. For Retracing Rein Jelle Terpstra collaborated with people who are slowly losing their sight. He asked them about their most valuable visual memory and photographed these scenes for them on Kodachrome diapositive, thereby promising them to read out loud precise descriptions of the images years later, in an attempt to retrace these images in their minds. 
Before turning the project into a book, Terpstra used the images of Retracing in a tripartite slide-installation, in which the images slowly fade into one another. This phenomenon is represented in the book by alternating pages showing projections in the dark with pages showing the slides. The paper is slightly transparent so to create the effect of fading. 
Retracing is about parting and loss. Perception lost its naturalness, with photography getting an ambiguous role in the conservation of images.
Rein Jelle Terpstra - Retracing
post editions, Rotterdam, 2013

On the occasion of the release of the book Retracing, Johan Deumens Gallery will show the slide-installation of the project:
Thursday          12.00 - 6 pm
Friday              12.00 - 6 pm
Saturday          12.00 - 6 pm
Sunday            4 pm 7 pm
at the Johan Deumens Gallery 
Gabriël Metsustraat 8 | Kantine, 2nd floor | 1071 EA Amsterdam

Book Lauch : Friday 27, 5.00 pm
Luuk Wilmering, launching two artists books and three editions:
Visiting Versailles et les Trianons, 2013 (artists book)
Peeping, 2013 (artists book)
The Nests Collectors Archive, 2013 (artists edition)
The Birdless Horizon, 2013 (artists edition)
Plans for a New City, 2013 (artists edition)

New brochure, published by the gallery:
Robin Waart, (almost) all my little  Polaroids 2011, 2013

New artists book:
Martin Brandsma; auf hoher warte, 2013

Announcement of a new artists book (to be published in October)
Jaysha Obispo; She who takes fear from the trees, 2013 possibility to reserve a copy

Welcome to the fair!
Johan Deumens