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Artist Statement

a line in the distance between the earth and the sky


the line at which the earths surface and the sky appear to meet, the horizon.

The horizon, an almost iconic line. 
If you could call it a line, since it must be somewhere in between the earth and the sky. Which as far as I know nothing exists. Thinking about it, there is not such thing as THE horizon, the horizon is momentary. When I move, the horizon moves. It is probably harder than you think is it to find the exact same horizon twice.

A thought, So present, yet so invisible. I cant think of a day without one. Always there, but so hard to define, so hard to grasp. As I reflect on thoughts, I realise how absurd it is. I think about thoughts. In other words, I have thoughts about thoughts. A thought about a thought seems to be inseparably connected with itself, therefore hard to define, hard to grasp.

Both the horizon and a thought dont seem to have a body. They are a space in between, an interval. Also they are momentary, fleeting. On a daily base they seem so common, so close, but the more I think about it the more they seem to drift away from me.

The interval and fleeting is something that fascinates me, whether it is a thought, the horizon, colour, gravity. In my work I try to grasp them or make an attempt to grasp them. Knowing that grasping will be nothing more than a fragment, for me it is not only but also about the act of doing it.

I work with little material, therefore space becomes very important. 
The space around the work often does not only serve as a background but becomes a context. Since I try to look at things as the way they are rather than the iconic ideas we have from them, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to strip meaning away. Does there exist such thing as a naive object? 
Is there a way to make the spectator watch with a naive eye?

Goldsmiths University, Master Fine Arts 2015 - now
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Fine Arts 2010 - 2013
EEA, residentie, Crisis, what crisis? Beelitz-Heilstatten, Duitsland, 10 aug- 12 sept 2012
EEA, residentie, Eponymous' , Cunda, Turkije, 17 apr- 8 mei 2012
EUROLAB, SOCRATIC LAB, Filosoferen met studenten kunst filosofie en design, Llança, Spanje, 12-22 feb 2011
Artez, Mode-vormgeving, 2009 - 2010

Selected for:
Groepstentoonstelling, YAN, van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, 6 september 2015
Groepstentoonstelling, Disclosure, Sign, Groningen, maart 2015

Ampersand Foundation, Forest Town, South Africa, 2014
Yale University, Kunstcollectie, New Haven, VS, sinds jan 2014
Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag, Nederland, sinds mrt 2014

Group exhibitions:
YAN, van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, 6 sept 2015
Disclosure, Tentoonstellingsruimte Sign, Groningen, mrt 2015
De Wereld in Maten, Johan Deumens Gallerie, Amsterdam, 16-19 jan 2014
Zomerexpo, online tentoonstelling Aarde, het Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Den Haag, 8 jun -15 sept 2013
The Temporary Department of Time and Space, W139, Amsterdam, 8-14 apr 2013 
BEYOND BABYLON, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, 1-17 feb 2013
M2Live, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht, 26-27 jan 2013
Diner Expo, Floshal, Amsterdam, 5-6 jan 2013
Art In Redlight, the independent artfair, Oude kerk, Amsterdam 20-23 sep 2012
OMG, tentoonstelling Rietveld Academie, Oude Kerk, Amsterdm 20 jan - 5 feb 2012
'O Fortuna', manifestatie kunst, design en wetenschap, museum het valkhof, Nijmegen, 9 okt - 9 jan 2011
Tentoonstelling Ongekend, verkoopveiling, Rotterdam, 12-16 mei 2010
Boijmans van Beuningen, ontwerpwedstrijd THE ART OF FASHION, jan - mrt 2010
NAIM mei - sep 2009
Dutchness, Salone Del mobile, Milaan, apr 2009

Mode-biennale, Arnhem 2009
Dutchness, Salone Del mobile, Milaan, apr 2009

1 prize, THE ART OF FASHION, competition category advanced, Museum Boijmans
van Beuningen, Rotterdam, jan 2010

Versmagazine, online art magazine, De Paradox van het Vastleggen, 11 sep 2013
Bright, online magazine, Gedachtes Gevangen in 3d-prints, 23 jul 2013, online art magazine, OMG, 22 jan 2012
NOS headlines, Dutch news, 15 jan 2010
DUTCHDFA, online magazine, 2009