Johan Deumens Gallery

 The Johan Deumens Gallery was originally established in 1989 as Artists Books Johan Deumens, Amsterdam, dedicated to a program of conceptual artists books. In 1995 the gallery started a long-term relationship with Edition Jacob Samuel, Santa Monica; serial works on paper by international renowned artists became a major focus. 

In 2007 the gallery was renamed Johan Deumens Gallery to emphasize an artist’s context in representing works on paper, books and photography. We opened a gallery in Haarlem and from September 2010 – July 2012 we have been gallery-in-residence at the Spinnerei in Leipzig.

In 2011 the gallery moved from Haarlem to Amsterdam. The gallery represents the work of both established and emerging artists, and the exquisite program of serial works, published by Edition Jacob Samuel. 

In our general program we concentrate on a conceptual and research oriented artistic approach. We strive for the presentation of works in different ways: through direct communication with public, private and corporate collections, gallery exhibitions, off-site projects, art fairs, and our website.


Artists: Annesas Appel, Marlies Appel, Henze Boekhout, Frans Baake, Pieter Bijwaard, Martin Brandsma, Pavel B├╝chler, Fons Brasser, Oliver van Breugel & Simone Mudde,  Edition Jacob Samuel, Anett Frontzek, Anne Geene,  Sjoerd Hofstra & Karen O’Hearn, Tim Hollander, Information as Material, Sharon Kivland, Martin Peulen, Salvo, Hans Scholten, Andrea Stultiens, Rein Jelle Terpstra, Elisabeth Tonnard, Bert Teunissen, Aline Thomassen, Lisa Vlamings, herman de vries, Robin Waart, Mariken Wessels, Hans Waanders, Jeroen van Westen, Luuk Wilmering.


Johan Deumens Gallery